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Executive Hiring

Portfolio Company COOs

Having strong operators for private equity portfolio companies is critical to achieving your goals. Whether it’s supply chain or manufacturing expertise, we can help.

Private Equity - Portfolio Operations

Grow your portfolio operations team with the right talent from consulting and investment banking - one of our biggest and most active practice areas.

Interim Operations Leaders

We make sure you’re prepared with the right operations executives, even it is only a 3- or 6-month roles.

Operations Directors

Whether it’s a regional operations leader at a provider platform, or a supply chain director, clients come to us for former management consultants from firms like Kearney, Deloitte, and McKinsey.

Supply Chain Leaders

A critical role in today's economy, as supply private equity and corporate strategy teams work to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

GM Roles

Clients come to us for P&L leadership roles that combine industry expertise and business operational know-how.


Whether it’s a large scale digital transformation, or specific transformation initiatives, we can help.

Supply Chain Consultants

On-demand supply chain experts that can work with your existing team or lead specific projects.

Facilities Expansion

Considering expanding operations or want to make your existing facilities more efficient? Make sure you work with someone who has the right experience.

Warehouse Optimization

Many distribution businesses rely on their warehouses for day-to-day operations. Getting it right can have huge impacts on EBITDA and morale.

HR Transformation

Making changes that impact HR and people. Whether it’s a PMI or part of a broader strategic effort, we work with HR experts across a range of industries.

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

Considering an add-on (or bolt-on) as part of a platform business expansion? Conducting the transaction is only half the battle. Make sure you are leading the integration effort with seasoned consultants.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Stalled or ineffective sales team? No metrics? We work with hundreds of clients to get the perfect consultant for the job.

On-Demand Consultants

Recent Client Examples



Chief Operating Officer

PE-Backed Healthcare Practice Management Business

St. Louis, MO

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Senior Director, Sales Strategy and Operations

PE-Backed Industrials Products Company

Chicago, IL

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Director of Revenue Management

PE-Backed Food & Beverage Company

Atlanta, GA

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On-Demand Consultants

1-5 days

Interim Executives

1-2 weeks

C-Suite Searches

1-3 mos.

ECA Knows Operations

We grew up in Operations Consulting

Burton Francis

Sandya Swamy

Rowida Assalimy

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