Not So Private Equity

The ECA Podcast


S2 E7: Craig Dupper – Elan Growth Partners

  Craig Dupper, Managing Partner at Elan Growth Partners, talks about what sets the independent sponsor model apart from the usual private equity with dedicated capital.   See full episode transcript soon.  ...

S2 E6: David Fowles – The Riverside Company

  David Fowles, Regional Director of Origination at The Riverside Company, walks us through his military service and how he got into the private equity industry.   See full episode transcript soon.  ...

S2 E5: John Dahlgren – SBJ Capital

  John Dahlgren, VP of Talent at SBJ Capital, joins us to talk about SBJ’s deal process and their approach to finding portfolio company executive talent.   See full episode transcript soon.  ...

S2 E4: Najeeb Baqui – Tinsley Park

  Najeeb Baqui, Founder & Managing Director at Tinsley Park, joins us to talk about leading a private equity firm and managing investments through COVID.   See full episode transcript soon.   Connect...

S2 E1: Reid Terry – Trivest Partners

  Reid Terry, Director of Talent at Trivest Partners, joins us to talk about private equity talent and recruiting.   See full episode transcript soon.   Connect with Reid on LinkedIn and visit...

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