Making the Leap into Tech

by: Olivia Hanninen, Ph.D.


In Beyond Consulting’s, episode “From Consulting to Analytics,” Ken Kenara and Mike Sterling tackle the value and applicability of a consulting toolkit in the wider world of advanced analytics.


Mike’s perspective is grounded in his current endeavor – he is CEO of Quantegy Analytics, a tech-enabled services company that marries consulting with advanced analytics. Focused largely on the middle market, Quantegy’s two-pronged approach involves getting to know the client’s company from a top-down strategic perspective, and deploying a bottom-up quantitative grounding that uses analytical techniques to cut through the data noise. The upshot is that Quantegy doesn’t just produce data, but a virtual digital representation of the company, replete with systems grounded in nuanced causes and effects. This “new paradigm of business intelligence” helps to identify root issues, and leads to clear answers and actions.


At the heart of Ken and Mike’s conversation lies the value that consultants bring to developing solutions like these. Consultants and service-based skills play a key part to Quantegy’s process. Their approaches are critical to identifying which parts of the business process can be productized; in Mike’s own words, “figuring out which components of the [problems and pain points] actually hang together as a good, sort of cohesive, holistic product” is no mean feat, and involves a case-by-case, client-by-client approach. To do this, complex organizations need to be distilled down into their core components.


More broadly, Ken and Mike also tackle one of the most important aspects to moving beyond consulting – bridging the gap between those who have spent their career to date as generalist consultants, replete with strategic acumen and broad exposure across business areas and functions, and individuals with decades worth of deep technical knowledge. As Mike puts it, “each takes years of mastery, and so stacking them on top takes years and years beyond that.” While some might have the time and energy to devote hours of their spare time to acquiring a level of expertise that will enable them to hang with the pros, most people who are interested in leaving consulting for something more specific will be like Mike, “a pivot over the span of a few years,” where he delved slowly but ever more deeply into a specialization. He makes the point that there are roles at technical companies that aren’t technical in and of themselves – they bring value that compliments the technical skillsets. These “passenger” roles can be invaluable, as they provide opportunities to learn via osmosis.


To listen to this podcast in full and explore the others in the series, search “Beyond Consulting” on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or visit the website.


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Olivia Hanninen is a Project Manager at ECA. She can be reached at [email protected]



Olivia Hanninen
Project Manager

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