Looking for a Meaningful Exit from Consulting? Top Trends in PE-Backed Healthcare and How to Get Hired

Data-driven executive search firms are the bridge connecting MCs with fulfilling next careers in Value-Based Care

by: Kay Francoeur


You’ve been a consultant at a top-tier firm for a couple of years. The deadline to commit or exit is looming. While you love working with a group of supersmart folks for a wide variety of clients and projects, you feel frustrated that you rarely get to stick around to see the outcomes of your strategies. You find yourself questioning what impact your advice really has – not just on a company’s bottom line, but also on the quality of products and services their customers receive.


For many management consultants, an exit to Private Equity is a natural, attractive segue. The opportunity to work hands-on with portfolio companies, and make those key improvements that unleash value, ticks a lot of boxes of what might feel lacking in MBB life.


Within PE, focusing on healthcare investments can make for a particularly fulfilling exit from consulting. Recent notable trends in PE investment in healthcare – for example in Value-Based Care (VBC) and Population Health – are making a tangible difference not just in EBITDA, but also in patients’ access to quality, affordable healthcare. At its most transformative, VBC promises to improve outcomes for patients, providers, and PE investors alike.


While these trends were already underway before March 2020, COVID cast a glaring light on the cracks and gaps in the U.S. healthcare system. Sudden widespread understanding of these unmet needs has helped accelerate and mainstream some key facets of VBC, like telehealth (or “home care”) and a focus on mental health.


PE shops have seized this pivotal latter-pandemic moment to invest heavily in healthcare’s new horizons, lowering costs and reaching more patients with quality care at the same time. 2022 reports show that while COVID has entered a more manageable phase in most of the world, investments in healthcare are resilient and continuing to trend upward through Q3, especially in the middle market.


When it comes to healthcare, some PE shops are more interested in prioritizing VBC than others. Seeking out a data-driven executive search firm that focuses on PE and portfolio companies’ unique needs – such as ECA Partners – can help you stand out as a candidate and make the right choice for an exit to a PE group that’s approaching healthcare in a way you find meaningful. ECA specializes in helping consultants like you find a new professional home where you can create value in a way that aligns with your own values.



Kay Francoeur is a Project Manager at ECA Partners. She can be reached at [email protected]



Kay Francoeur
Project Manager

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