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Search Fund Entrepreneur


Company Background

Our client is a premier lower-middle-market and micro-cap private equity firm, which specializes in the search fund investment model. They acquire companies with $1 - 10MM EBITDA companies, then install leadership teams to operate and grow them over a mid-term horizon. They are notable in the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) space for their focus on mentoring search fund entrepreneurs through the investment and operation process and their active assistance in locating promising companies.

The Position

Our client is looking for a prospective entrepreneur motivated to build and manage a business after the acquisition. Taking advantage of our clients’ greater focus on evaluating potential investments itself, this opportunity shortcuts the traditional search-fund process, allowing this role to focus more closely on the diligence process than the search itself.


Ultimately, the client will work to install this role as CEO or senior leader of a lower-middle-market company with a large equity stake and a mandate to grow the company.


Further information on search funds:



·       Partner with the client to identify potential acquisitions

·       Lead negotiations with senior leadership at the selected companies

·       Conduct due diligence assessments of the company and its market position

·       Develop a strategy for growth to justify the investment thesis

·       Implement the strategy as CEO after the acquisition

·       Operate the company through a period of rapid growth

·       Lead the transition to exit

Qualifications and Candidate Background

The ideal candidate will have:

·       A strong desire to take an entrepreneurial path

·       Willingness to get in the trenches and build across all functions

·       High attention to detail

·       Perseverance and creativity in the face of ambiguous, complex problems

·       Strong management & networking skills

·       Ability to take advice & learn from mentorship

·       Willingness to accept a high level of risk for a high reward

·       Strong desire for a significant piece of the action

·       Flexibility about location & industry (preferred)




Zab Ocampo
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