How To Increase Employee Retention During A Job Market Crisis

by: Alicia Nigel   The Covid-19 pandemic has not only changed healthcare, but has also impacted the wider labor markets. The Washington Post reports that about 4.3 million Americans left their jobs this past December alone. This is part of a trend that is now being called “The Great Resignation,” with the rate of people resigning from […]

10 Books You Need to Read in 2022 to Take Your Business to the Next Level

by: Melissa Chan, Ph.D.   With 2021 coming to an end, and as business ramp for 2022, time is a precious commodity for business leaders, but they still need to keep up with the latest research and trends that can help them grow their revenue and optimize their operations.   Many leaders are looking for […]

Why you Should Hire an All-star Associate as Your Next Manager

by: Steven Haug, Ph.D.   In a difficult hiring market, managers can be hard to come by. While the pool for manager talent is larger than the pool for the director, VP, and C-suite talent, the interest rate for managerial jobs is much lower. This means that, even though there are plenty of managers on […]

Why Good Leaders Care About the Candidate Experience

by: Steven Haug, Ph.D.   The dynamics of an interview require that the interviewer evaluate the interviewee. In fact, this is largely the point of interviews. However, the goal of hiring is to build the best team possible, and you should not let your evaluation methods stand in the way of that. Good leaders pay […]

Promoting From Within? First, Talk with a Search Firm

by: Steven Haug, Ph.D.   Promoting from within is a great way to reward high-performing employees, contribute to company culture, and decrease ramp time. But leaders who do promote from within will still benefit from a conversation with a search firm. Here are two reasons to talk with a search firm even if you are […]

Grow Your EdTech Leadership Team with Ex-Consultants

by: Lis Evans   EdTech had an unprecedented explosive year of investments in 2020. According to the EdTech funding database from EdSurge, over $2 billion was raised in US venture and private equity capital. This growth in EdTech funding is happening globally, with the current $16 billion of VC funding representing over 32 times the […]