How To Increase Employee Retention During A Job Market Crisis

by: Alicia Nigel   The Covid-19 pandemic has not only changed healthcare, but has also impacted the wider labor markets. The Washington Post reports that about 4.3 million Americans left their jobs this past December alone. This is part of a trend that is now being called “The Great Resignation,” with the rate of people resigning from […]

How Can We Solve the Problems of Hybrid Work Models?

by: Camille Witbeck, Ph.D.   For many candidates, the 9-to-5 model of coming into the office every day is a sticking point in their evaluation of job opportunities. Not only have employees cut back on their commuting time since 2019, but they’ve also felt a greater sense of autonomy over their schedule and environment, something […]

Best Practices for Landing Great Talent

by: Tr’Vel Lyons, Ed.M.   At ECA, we often find that our partners and clients are interested in best practices for executing a search. So, we’ve surveyed our Managers and Directors to compile the 10 best practices we keep top of mind to ensure a successful search.   1. Always be…Personable The pool of rock […]

Retain More Employees by Listening Better

by: Camille Witbeck, Ph.D.   The Great Attrition (or Great Resignation) has led many employers to reconsider how they can attract and retain employees. However, a recent McKinsey study shows that employers don’t always understand exactly why workers are leaving. While they may assume compensation, work-life balance, and poor emotional health are the main reasons […]

The “Jungle Gym” Approach to Attracting and Retaining Talent

by: Tony Topoleski, Ph.D.   Record numbers of the workforce are currently considering career changes or major pivots within their career or company. In addition to compensation or remote work demands, the motivation for this may stem from a desire to attain new and meaningful paths, pursue new goals, or fulfill a sense of purpose […]

Make Headway in the New Year with January Recruiting

by: Sophia Gimenez, Ph.D.   The ball dropping on 2022 is the perfect time for you to build out a rockstar team. While some perceive the months of November and December to be a holiday lull, the festive season primes candidates to envision next steps in the new year, their interest propelled by higher engagement […]