How Consulting’s Attention to Detail Can Reconceive Finance through Microloans

by: Daniel Baker, JD, MPP, Ph.D.   Key Takeaways: Microfinance reconceives core ideas in banking, such as due diligence and field operations, and in doing so, it brings finance to drastically underserved populations, empowering women and communities. Strategic insights are often born out of attention to detail born in early-career consulting and those insights can […]

Private Equity CFOs and the COVID-19 Recovery

by: Atta Tarki , Ken Kanara, Gustav Brown  &  Steven Haug   Key Highlights: ECA Partners today announced the results of its second survey of CFOs from Private Equity (PE) owned companies. Whereas the first survey demonstrated the severity of COVID-19’s impact on company finances, the results of the second survey show that, for the […]

Private Equity CFOs and the COVID-19 Downturn

by: Atta Tarki  Ken Kanara & Gustav Brown   Key Highlights:  ECA Partners today announced survey results of over 100 CFOs of Private Equity (PE) owned companies on how the COVID-19 downturn is impacting their financial priorities. The results demonstrate the severity of the impact on company finances to date, while also showing that respondents do not […]

Challenges in Financial Services

by Ken Kanara   20 years ago, working in the Financial Services industry was arguably the most exciting career choice for top-tier MBAs.  Since then, the FS landscape has changed immensely…and it has become increasingly challenging to recruit top talent. Candidate have more options including tech, startup, non-profits, etc. As the financial services industry continues to evolve, […]