Four Career Paths to Consider after Management Consulting

by: Steven Haug, Ph.D., Karen Lee, Olivia Hanninen, Ph.D. and Tony Topoleski, Ph.D.   For most ambitious early-career consultants, a primary experience in the industry will be one of constant growth and continuous education. The mentorship models and wealth of knowledge at each firm frequently produce highly versatile and uniquely skilled individuals able to produce […]

Product Manager Job Market

by: Steven Haug, Ph.D.   In his article “Why Consultants Make Great Product Managers,” Ken Kanara, President and CEO of ECA Partners, discusses reasons for considering hiring a Management Consultant. He explains that a consultant’s ability to manage people and deadlines, think holistically, and prioritize, makes them exceptional Product Manager candidates. Ken has also written […]

Product Manager Salary Projections

by: April Gould, Ph.D.(c)   The product manager job market is booming! Salaries have increased steadily, more PM positions are created daily, and top-tier business programs are shifting their curricula to accommodate the PM surge. CEO of ECA Partners, Ken Kanara, explores the PM role as a potential exit point for consultants looking to exit […]

5 Questions Consultants Should Ask Themselves

by: April Gould, Ph.D.(c)   CEO and President of ECA Partners, Ken Kanara, discusses a career in consulting with expert guest Sean Wheeler in the Beyond Consulting episode titled “Changing Consulting Firms.” Ken and Sean – who spent nearly his entire career in consulting – discuss the motivations behind each of Sean’s career moves, considerations […]

Grow Your EdTech Leadership Team with Ex-Consultants

by: Lis Evans   EdTech had an unprecedented explosive year of investments in 2020. According to the EdTech funding database from EdSurge, over $2 billion was raised in US venture and private equity capital. This growth in EdTech funding is happening globally, with the current $16 billion of VC funding representing over 32 times the […]

Need a High-EQ Leader – Hire a Consultant

by: Steven Haug, Ph.D.   There is a lot that we cannot learn about a candidate by reading their resume, but one important prerequisite for many jobs that cannot be gleaned from a CV is emotional quotient (EQ). It is rare that a hiring manager does not mention EQ when discussing the key attributes they […]