How to Overcome the Fear of a Career Change

by: Alicia Nigel   The multi-year pandemic has brought about many changes for workers and employees around the world, from the shift to remote work, to changes in their employment status as well. By the end of February this year, 4.4 million people quit their jobs, and the number is expected to grow for the […]

ECA Guide to Preparing for Interviews

Although many candidates believe that no preparation is needed for interviews, we can’t stress enough the importance of preparing and practicing answers. Over the years we have observed that nearly all candidates we have placed have invested the time to prepare detailed answers for interviews.   1. When answering questions, try to be concise and […]

Antisocial Social Tips On Career Networking In The Digital Age

By Atta Tarki   In 2003, I was about to graduate from college and wanted to know everything there was to know about finding a great job. LinkedIn had launched that same year, but the thought of starting a job search on the online platform didn’t even occur to me. After all, LinkedIn only boasted 81,000 […]

Questions to Ask in Your Job Search to Avoid Hating Your Next Role

By Atta Tarki   When Chase, a former McKinsey consultant, was interviewing for a new job recently, he decided to try a new approach to evaluating the opportunity. He had decided he wanted to work at the intersection of consumer brands and media & entertainment, and he had scheduled an interview to do just that. […]