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ECA Case Study: Executive Search

VP of Sales Operations

PE-backed Software Co.


Sales Operations

Indianapolis, IN

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Position Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client has developed proprietary health portals that serve as an access point to information and tools for all stakeholders involved in a person’s care, due to this, the company is experiencing tremendous growth and has more payors as clients than any other company in the portal’s business
  • The ideal Vice President of Sales Operations (VPSO) will support functions to drive sales team productivity and provide support to the Chief Revenue Officer. This includes responsibility for the following functions: sales development / lead generation, sales planning, reporting, forecasting, sales process optimization, sales training, sales programs, marketing reporting, sales development and recruiting of sales force talent
Objectives / Mandate
  • Assist the CRO in the overall management of the sales department resulting in improved operational efficiency, effectiveness and attainment of sales targets
  • Act in place of CRO for deal approval, escalations on deal issues when CRO is unavailable
  • Develop, monitor and improve the tools and reports required for sales forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes used within the sales organization
  • Proactively monitors and strives to maintain high levels of quality, accuracy, and process consistency for sales planning and operations
  • Supports the equitable assignment of sales force quotas and ensures quotas are optimally allocated to all sales channels and resources
  • Proactively identifies opportunities for sales process improvement. Works closely with sales management to inspect sales process quality and prioritize opportunities for improvement
  • Monitors the sales and account management team’s compliance with the 884required standards for maintaining CRM data
  • Works closely with sales management to optimize the effectiveness of Salesforce
  • Coordinates training for the sales department
  • Provide input to the Chief Revenue Officer in the development and administration of sales incentive compensation programs
  • Supports Finance with sales incentive compensation administration as-needed, or when required to arbitrate or clarify the application of sales compensation program policies and procedures
  • Builds peer support and strong internal cross-functional company relationships with other key management personnel
  • Responsible for the management of Sales Development and achieving targeted lead generation results
  • Manage sales engineer staff and resources, including training and resource allocation
  • Travel as needed for client, prospect and sales meetings, travel is projected to average 20%

ECA’s Sales / Sales Operations Practice Lead

This is a picture of Ken Kanara in a suit, the President of ECA
Ken Kanara

Ken spent time as a management consultant at Booz & Co. before ECA, where he worked with many Sales / Sales Operations clients. He would be happy to discuss your upcoming initiative.

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