ECA Case Study: Executive Search

Vice President of Engineering

High-growth Consumer Goods Co.


San Francisco, CA

Post-MBA (2-3 years)

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Position Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client is a venture capital-backed company that designs and manufactures electric, ventless, zero-emissions coffee roasters and intuitive roasting software
  • The VP of Engineering will lead the engineering team through the next stage of development and growth of the company as they continue to target both small coffee shops in addition to large, national chains
Objectives / Mandate
  • Oversee and manage the Mechanical Engineering department and staff
  • Report to Chief Technology Officer
  • Lead the Mechanical, Electrical, Software, and Systems Engineering Electrical, Software, and Systems Engineering department
  • Collaborate with marketing, business development, and other company leaders to develop long-range strategies for company’s overall direction, based on complex market dynamics
  • Identify new capabilities, innovations, and technologies and propose initiatives to implement them
  • Lead, monitor and evaluate the success of proposed initiatives by ensuring all aspects of product development including IP/ licensing, research and manufacturing are met
  • Set budgeting goals and strategies for the engineering department and ensures schedules and performance requirements are met
  • Represents the R&D department at technical meetings in front of customers or investors
  • Employee development, evaluation, and administration

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