ECA’s Tech / High Growth Practice Lead

This is a picture of Burton Francis, a Senior Director at ECA
Burton Francis

Burton has made numerous placements in the Tech / High Growth space with ECA. He would be happy to discuss your upcoming project and talent needs.


Tech / High Growth
Case Studies

ECA Case Study:

Project Staffing

Our client, a multinational company developing and retailing cutting edge electronics solutions, was looking for a consultant to help perform a high-level industry / sector scan to help them understand…

ECA Case Study:
Due Diligence

Project Staffing

Our client, an ex-McKinsey & Company marketplace lender, was preparing for their first Investor Day as a public company and needed an experienced consultant to oversee the development of presentations…

ECA Case Study:

Executive Search

Our client is a rapidly growing SaaS company leveraging A.I. (artificial intelligence) technologies and sought a Regional Sales Leader to lead and develop the company’s relationships with key accounts…

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