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ECA Case Study: Project Staffing

Supply Chain Consultant

Consulting Firm

Washington, D.C.

Post-MBA (3-5+ years)

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Project Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client is a medium-sized consulting firm that was facing a tight timeline with operations assessment for one of their major projects
  • They required support in proposal evaluation and development of operations opportunities and negotiation drivers
Objectives / Results Achieved
  • Evaluated proposal cost elements across functional areas such as product, procurement, manufacturing and G&A
  • Identified operational strategies to optimize COGS and G&A expenses
  • Developed cost model to de-construct proposal and incorporate operational levers to support optimization opportunities
  • Incorporated scenario planning and sensitivity analysis to support bottom-up build of cost reduction opportunities
  • Developed drivers and guidelines to support proposal response and negotiation process

ECA’s Supply Chain Strategy Practice Lead

This is a picture of Jason Blonstein, Director of ECA

Jason has made numerous placements in the Supply Chain Strategy space with ECA. He would be happy to discuss your upcoming project and talent needs.


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