ECA Case Study: Executive Search

Strategic Initiatives Finance Director

Travel & Hospitality Co.


Philadelphia, PA

Post-MBA (1-2 years)

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Position Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client, a multi-billion dollar vertically integrated hospitality company, was recently acquired by a major private equity firm and was looking to accelerate growth through strategic initiatives and capital investment, particularly through its e-commerce channels
  • They sought a Strategic Initiatives Finance Director that can be a thought partner to senior executives as they look to maximize return on the company’s assets
Objectives / Mandate
  • Collaborate with product and technology teams to develop business cases for proposed technology enhancements and prioritize product feature implementation across the business
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in creating dynamic decision-support models in Excel
  • Establish KPIs and targets to track project success, lead post-mortem reviews of completed strategic projects and provide ongoing visibility to senior leadership
  • Leverage insights from KPI tracking to inform and improve capital allocation decisions
  • Support the capital budget and forecast processes
  • Work collaboratively with senior leadership to ensure financial projections are in sync with management’s current projections
  • Establish processes to appropriately classify project expenses, especially as it relates to developed software

ECA’s Hospitality, Travel & Leisure Practice Lead

This is a picture of Rowida Assalimy, a Managing Director at ECA
Rowida Assalimy

Ro spent time as a management consultant at Accenture before ECA, where she worked with many Hospitality, Travel, & Leisure clients. She would be happy to discuss your upcoming initiative.

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