Project Description

ECA Case Study: Executive Search

Senior Data Analyst

Boutique Consulting Firm


Data & Analytics

Phoenix, AZ

Pre-MBA (2-3 years)

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Position Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client, a rapidly growing boutique consulting firm, sought a proactive and well-rounded professional that will help them deliver superior service to clients
  • The position will include customer-facing advisory and managed services to one or more clients and is ideally suited to tenacious and motivated individuals looking to take their career to the next level
Objectives / Mandate
  • Frame open-ended business challenges and conduct related research
  • Extract large volumes of data from multiple internal and external sources
  • Develop repeatable methods to thoroughly cleanse and align data to standard schemas
  • Explore data from a variety of angles to determine hidden weaknesses, trends and/or opportunities
  • Employ sophisticated analytics programs, machine learning, and statistical methods
  • Invent new algorithms to solve problems and build new tools to automate work
  • Communicate findings to management and clients through effective data visualizations and reports
  • Recommend cost-effective changes to existing procedures, systems, and strategies

ECA’s Data & Analytics Practice Lead

This is a picture of Burton Francis, a Senior Director at ECA
Burton Francis

Burton has made numerous placements in the Data & Analytics space with ECA. He would be happy to discuss your upcoming project and talent needs.


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