Project Description

ECA Case Study: Project Staffing

Team Support Consultant

Healthcare Innovation Firm



Chicago, IL

Post-MBA (1-2 years)

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Project Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client, a former Accenture consultant at a Chicago-based Healthcare Innovation firm, has developed a backlog of core and high-value projects due to the high client demand for their services
  • They were looking for a top-tier former management consultant with a strong understanding of the Healthcare Provider space to work with them, step into areas of highest need, and help drive these projects forward
Objectives / Results Achieved
  • Launched behavioral health self-care tools that support the maintenance of conditions
  • Identified key challenges and objectives for the client organization
  • Identified capability gaps and opportunities to address with virtual health solutions
  • Created a comprehensive cost model
  • Developed a 3-year strategy for designing virtual health program, assessing vendors, and implementing new virtual health capabilities

ECA’s Healthcare Practice Lead

This is a picture of Jason Blonstein, Director of ECA
Jason Blonstein

Jason worked with many Healthcare clients at ECA. He would be happy to discuss your upcoming project and talent needs.


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