ECA Case Study: Project Staffing

Pricing Strategy Consultant

Real Estate Start-up

San Francisco, CA

Post-MBA (3-5+ years)

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Project Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client is a real-estate start-up who was on a mission to change the way people experience home buying and selling
  • The client has identified an opportunity to revamp their pricing strategy and sought a consultant with the expertise to develop a data-based recommendation that includes pricing structure and sensitivity analysis
Objectives / Results Achieved
  • Explored various pricing strategies (e.g. psychological, optional products, etc.) and developed data-based recommendations for each side of the transaction, (e.g., buyers and sellers independently)
  • Analyzed price sensitivity on each side of the transaction in order to achieve optimal % and/or $ for recommended strategies
  • Leveraged statistical and quantitative capabilities in suggesting recommendations
  • Developed POV on strategic messaging themes to each buyer and sellers based on selected strategy

ECA’s Pricing Strategy Practice Lead

This is a picture of Rowida Assalimy, a Managing Director at ECA
Rowida Assalimy

Rowida has placed numerous Pricing Strategy consultants with ECA clients. She would be happy to discuss your upcoming initiative.

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