Project Description

ECA Case Study: Project Staffing

Integrated Business Planning Supply Chain Consultant

Ingredient Manufacturer

Food & Beverage

Ops Improvement

Philadelphia, PA

Post-MBA (2-3 years)

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Project Details

Client / Situation
  • Our client, a food ingredient manufacturer specializing in innovative products, was looking to roll-out Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for their US operations and needed help in developing training materials
Objectives / Results Achieved
  • Drove the development of training materials to support the US roll-out of IBP
  • Worked directly with the VP of Operations and a coach (consultant)

ECA’s Food & Beverage Practice Lead

This is a picture of Rowida Assalimy, a Managing Director at ECA
Rowida Assalimy

Ro spent time as a management consultant at Accenture before ECA, where she worked with many Food & Beverage clients. She would be happy to discuss your upcoming initiative.

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