ECA’s Due Diligence / M&A Practice Lead

This is a picture of Ken Kanara in a suit, the President of ECA

Ken has placed numerous Due Diligence / M&A consultants with ECA clients. He would be happy to discuss your upcoming project and talent needs.

Due Diligence / M&A
Case Studies

ECA Case Study:
Biotech, Life Sciences

Project Staffing

Our client, a former Bain & Company consultant at a VC-backed biotech company, was undergoing a potential acquisition. They required a consultant to quickly step in and manage the overall…

ECA Case Study:

Project Staffing

Our client is a massage franchisor who was looking for a consultant to conduct commercial due diligence. They required help in analyzing franchisee store base performance…

ECA Case Study:

Project Staffing

Our client is an Indiana-based automotive company who needed help in acquiring a £250M company based in Europe. They required a consultant to do a post-acquisition financial due diligence…

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