ECA’s Consumer & Retail Practice Lead

This is a picture of Rowida Assalimy, a Managing Director at ECA

Rowida has made numerous placements in the Consumer & Retail space with ECA. She would be happy to discuss your upcoming project and talent needs.

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Consumer & Retail
Case Studies

ECA Case Study:

Project Staffing

Our client is a large retailer who was looking for an analyst to drive operational and transformational initiatives aimed at improving gross margins – this includes strategic cost assessment…

ECA Case Study:
IT Strategy

Project Staffing

Our client, a PE-owned middle-market home & building appliance product company, wanted an expert in technology strategy, architecture, roadmap, and IT org. They needed a consultant to identify…

ECA Case Study:
Corporate Development

Project Staffing

Our client that specializes in middle-market growth capital and emerging market investments is merging with another retailer in the outdoor brands’ space. They were looking for a consultant to lead the…

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