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Costs of a Bad Hire

by Ken Kanara   Think hiring the right person is important? Well, you’re right. Finding the perfect candidate can help really move the needle for a company.

CHIP vs. PIN Cards

by Ken Kanara   Do you dread the checkout process as we transition to EMV / Chip technology? Sure, there is added security and lower

Going Paperless

by Ken Kanara   It seems like everything is going digital these days…and for good reason. Reducing our reliance on paper is not only good

PE Value Levers

by Ken Kanara   We know that operational improvements drive the bulk of value creation for PE investors, but it’s important to understand how this

Interview Complexity

By Ken Kanara   Employers continue to add various “screenings” to the interview process. At the same time, the length of time continues to expand. Employers face

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