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Hiring Top-Tier Talent

by Ken Kanara   The recent escalation in so call “talent wars” among companies has been a hot topic. While some of the tactics companies

PMI Planning

by Ken Kanara   Inorganic growth initiatives are significant investments and like any major investment, it has to be nurtured if you expect positive returns.

Going Digital

by Ken Kanara   It seems like everything is going digital these days…and for good reason. Reducing our reliance on cash reduces check-out times and

Lessons From Las Vegas

by Ken Kanara   In the mid 80s, gaming made up the lion’s share of revenues for casinos on the Las Vegas strip.  Today, it

Investing in Your Employees

by Ken Kanara   Employee health and wellness is becoming an increasingly important topic for CEOs.  Best-in-class organizations see H&W programs as a way: Attract

Challenges in Financial Services

by Ken Kanara   20 years ago, working in the Financial Services industry was arguably the most exciting career choice for top-tier MBAs.  Since then, the

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