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Tip of the Iceberg

By Ken Kanara   Once it becomes clear that a new hire is not working out, costs add up quickly. First, initial hiring and onboarding

The Importance of EQ

by: Peterson Loftin   Emotional intelligence (EQ) is being increasingly valued by hiring managers and it’s easy to see why. It measures self-awareness, self-control, social

Disruption in Management Consulting

By Ken Kanara The consulting industry is undergoing a major disruption. Gone are the days of consultants flying first-class, eating expensive steak dinners, and working

PE Add-On Activity

By Ken Kanara   Add-ons represent a larger portion of PE firm acquisitions every year, reaching 56% in 2016. Properly analyzed add-on acquisitions can bring

The Path to Purchase

by Ken Kanara   Source: The Financial Brand   In a world that seems increasingly saturated by advertisements, marketers have to work harder than ever

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