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Performance Prediction

by: Peterson Loftin Along with structured interviews, the best predictors for job performance are tests that assess general mental ability and job knowledge. The GMA

Giving Structure To Interviews

Although it can be tempting to give candidates an overall score of your impression, research shows that a structured interview with preset questions is 34% more

Ramping Up

by: Ken Kanara The ramp up period for a new hire is the time it takes for them to become productive. At the end of

The Ramp Down

by: Peterson Loftin In the short term, turnover is decidedly negative. As the separation date draws closer, productivity decreases at a steady rate. The ramp

Preparing for a Downturn

By Jason Blonstein   Recession – the dreaded word that people in the business world fear. It isn’t a matter of “if” but “when” the economy

The Titanic Costs of Turnover

by: Peterson Loftin   The direct costs of a bad hire are immediately apparent. First, initial hiring and onboarding costs become wasted. Productivity and decision

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