Advanced Analytics and Careers after Consulting

by: April Gould, Ph.D.(c)


CEO and President of ECA Partners, Ken Kanara, discusses advanced analytics with expert guest, Mike Sterling, in the Beyond Consulting episode titled “From Consulting to Advanced Analytics.” Mike, the Founder and CEO of Quantegy Analytics, talks with Ken about how merging strategy consulting and advanced quantitative techniques drives value for middle-market companies.


Before founding Quantegy Analytics, Mike was the Director of Client Impact at SparkBeyond, an artificial intelligence and strategy company. He is an expert in end-to-end business value generation created from machine learning, data science, and advanced analytics. Mike’s background also includes independent consulting, product development, and strategy consulting for Booz & Company. Ken kicks off the conversation by asking Mike about Quantegy Analytics, and how his career led him to the CEO role.


Quantegy Analytics creates advanced systems of data analysis and presents findings in a way that key decision-makers can act quickly with all the relevant information in mind. Mike explains that advanced analytics is a hot topic because “this is the next generation of business intelligence solutions.” By incorporating a top-down strategic perspective, Quantegy moves beyond simple dashboards and generates insights about executives’ goals for their organizations. They infuse each company’s organizational flow into their analytic systems, by making a “digital twin” of each company with actionable insights.


Instead of snapshots that show executives what is happening in their organizations, Mike specializes in understanding how KPIs interact with each other and why the company is hitting certain metrics. Ken emphasizes the importance of advanced analytics by showing how strategy operations and financial concerns are inherently linked. With the right metrics, companies can solve bottlenecks, increase visibility, beat timelines, and grow their businesses.


Ken next ventures to ask Mike how consulting prepared him for his work in data analytics and technology. Mike explains that his consulting background was absolutely essential to his success in data science and becoming a CEO because consulting taught him:


1. The top-down vantage point of understanding business strategy
2. Learning to distill complicated organizations and processes into clear priorities
3. Collaborating with others and getting an in-depth understanding of organizational structures


Mike pivoted from product development to advanced analytics to bolster his technical background in engineering and satiate his curiosity with coding. Mike emphasized that if he had not been a consultant, his data analytics would not be as pertinent to his clients. His consulting background was essential to him blending his quantitative skillset and his business acumen.


About ECA and the Beyond Consulting podcast: ECA specializes in value-add talent solutions across strategy, operations, and finance functions. ECA has made a name for itself by taking a consulting approach to finding the best talent and placing candidates in exciting roles. Tune in to Beyond Consulting to hear Ken Kanara answer all your questions about life after a career in consulting. For a list of current openings, visit ECA’s website.



April Gould, Ph.D.(c) is a Project Manager of ECA Partners. She can be reached at [email protected].



April Gould
Project Manager

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