About ECA

ECA’s values embody our commitment to delivering the best possible results for clients, while building and maintaining genuine relationships with clients and candidates alike. These values were decided through a collaborative effort by the ECA team, and they guide every ECA engagement.

Our vision

Help organizations win by finding great people

Our mission

We apply a methodical, evidence based approach to drive constant improvement and growth through talent solutions

A Brief History of ECA


Born from a talent need

ECA started as Ex-Consultants Agency, founded by CEO Atta Tarki in 2010. Atta had spent 6 years as a consultant at LEK, a top strategy consulting firm, before becoming an independent consultant. He started by placing other consultants he knew into other projects and quickly built up a business around staffing consultants. Clients then started asking for permanent placements. Ex-Consultants Agency quickly grew to a network of 30,000+ former management consultants from firms like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, LEK, Strategy&, Accenture, Deloitte, etc.


The management consulting approach

Soon, clients started asking for permanent placements, and ECA began placing full-time roles. As a firm with a leadership team of ex-consultants, ECA applied a management consulting approach to candidate search: strategic, systematic, data-driven, and efficient. We discovered that this approach worked just as well for a wide variety of profiles beyond former consultants, whether CFOs or technical leaders or a very niche role.


The business of growth

In 2019 we decided to rebrand to “ECA” to reflect that we place much more than ex-consultants. Our success rates have been just as high for non-consultant profiles as for the types of profiles where we got our start. For years we’ve been growing at 65% YoY in revenues. We’re now over 100 employees in 5 global offices, and we have no plans to slow down. We’re in the business of growth, hiring the best employees for our clients and for ECA, and creating shared value while building genuine relationships.

ECA Core Values

We want to grow

We give and receive
open feedback

We celebrate

We have each
other’s backs

We build genuine
relationships and
create shared value

We are results-oriented
and our methods
are evidence-based

We are professional

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